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Welcome to FGGCIOI


Thank you for visiting the Website of the Federal Government Girls College, Ikot Obio Itong, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria [FGGC 101]. 


The Focus on the education of the girl child amongst nations, society and the family is of strategic importance and of great value to nation building and society. The girl child evolves into a mother. The mother is the care giver, the gate way to life for her off springs. She is saddled with the responsibility for the necessary early upbringing of her infant, caring for the home front, and she also doubles as a bread winner where the Man is  no longer disposed to providing for the Family.


The impact on national development and advantage of educating the girl child can be summarized in this saying  “When you educate a man, you educate an individual and when you educate a woman, you educate an entire family.” This declaration is multi faceted—an educated woman has the self confidence, skills as well as intelligence to understand the need to be a better daughter, sister, wife and mother and make a progressive family. Education is the only tool with which a girl or a woman can empower herself and eventually her family”. - Prerna Priya [Girl Child Education –The key to development]


FGGC 101 was setup by the Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja, Nigeria to achieve the objective of National development and cohesion. Established in 1989, in a remote area in Akwa Ibom State, South-South of Nigeria.  FGGC 101 has played, and is playing a vital role in the education of the girl Child. Our graduates are amongst the best in the world. Our College has groomed the likes of Miss Ndifreke Andrew Essien – Executive Director of the Young African Leaders Initiative, a celebrated international Youth personality who was interviewed by the Cable News Network [CNN].             


Welcome to FGGC 101, we run the 6 years College curriculum, split into three years of Junior Secondary and three years of Senior Secondary education, our students undertake the Basic Education Certificate Examination for our junior School and West African School Certificate Examinations and National Examination Council examination.


In this era of global economic challenge, our focus for the year 2016-2018 is to empower  our student with vital skills for self sustainability, development of their innate Sports talent and all round Sound education with a bias for STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ] education.     With a moral foundation,  self confidence and good grades I believe our students can actualize their dreams and compete with their peers from any part of the globe.


On behalf of Management, Staff and Students, once again I say welcome to the website of FGGC 101, the only binary coded Federal Unity College in Nigeria.   


Engr.(Mrs.) D.N. OPUTE, MNSE, FCIA


FGGC 101.  

Latest News

2023-01-04 11:08:59


Dear Parents/Guardians,
Compliments of the season.

This is to inform you that all students ( JSS 1 - SS3) will resume on Sunday 8th January, 2023.

Payment of School fees and PTA levies must be made before resumption.

No student will be allowed into the hostel without evidence of payment.
Hair style is side parting of not less than ten(10) rows and not more than 20 rows.

Low cut for all Junior students (JSS1 - JSS3)  and Senior students on low cut.


2022-09-14 07:07:30

School Resumption Date

Dear Parents/ Guardians

This is to inform you that FGGC IOI will resume for Ist Term 2022/2023 Academic session as follows:

  1. SS1&SS3 -Saturday17th September,2022 Time-9am-6pm.
  2. SS2,JS2,&JS3-Sunday 18th September,2022.
  3. Hair style remains low cut for Junior Students and all back weaving of not less than 10rows and not more than 20 rows
  4. Pls NOTE,No student will be allowed into the hostel without evidence of school fees,PTA levy and School Uniform.
  5. The new SS1 Students who defaced the wall are reminded to come with the paints on resumption.


2022-08-03 08:56:24

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Download the School Mobile App to stay connected

  1. Visit this website https://bit.ly/downloadEduportal from your Android Phone’s Browser or Click Download Mobile App from the School Website.

  2. It will take You to the Google Playstore, Download and Install the Eduportal App

  3. Login to the Eduportal App with your PIN to check your Results, Download Assignments, Newsletters, School News and lots more.

2022-04-26 08:35:10

Resumption Dates

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Please be informed of the following resumption dates

 i. JSS 3 &SS3: Thursday 5th May,2022.

 Note: It is important that JSS & SS3 Students resume on Thursday because intensive coaching starts on Friday, 6th May,2022.

ii. JSS1,JSS2, SS1 &SS2: Sunday 8th May, 2022.

iii.Payment of School fees & PTA Levy must be made before resumption.

iv. Hair style is all back of not less than 10 & not more than 20 rows.

- JSS 1- 3 and senior students on low cut should cut their hair very low.
v. Students should resume in their formal school uniform.

Signed Management.

2021-10-06 05:51:13


Dear Parents,
This is to remind you that the Ankara/ Dinner Night and Graduation ceremony would come up as earlier scheduled as follows:
- Ankara Night : Saturday 9th, October,2021.
- Time : 4pm
- Graduation : Sunday 10th October, 2021.
- Time : 9am.
ii. The graduating students are expected in the College  on Saturday 9th October, from 2pm with an overnight bag.
iii. On Sunday 10th, October, the graduating students can come to the hall with their parents ( 2 persons only).

2021-10-06 05:48:14

Resumption Timetable

Dear Parents.
This is to inform you that the resumption date for the third term 2021/2022 Academic session of FGGC 101 is slated for Sunday 8th May, 2022.

Any change in this date will be communicated.

Hair style for senior students is all back weaving of not more than 20 rolls or all back thread plaited without attachment while the  Junior students should have their hair cut low.